All incoming projects will be inspected for loose joints and general stability and any necessary repairs will be noted at the time of the estimate. Note: While I can clean and refresh the finish on your chair, I do not offer refinishing services. Any refinishing will need to be completed prior to repairing the cane

Cane (particularly hand-woven and pre-woven) can be difficult to stain so an exact match cannot be guaranteed. Other woven seats will be sealed in accordance to standard caning practices to preserve the seat and provide durability.

Chair caning is a labor-intensive art and there are few true shortcuts. Busy times in the studio are typically late Fall and early Spring, as many customers prepare to host events in their homes around holidays, graduations, and weddings, etc. Some caning projects can be completed in a week, and some may take several weeks, and a studio full of caning projects can make things…interesting. Advance planning is always appreciated!

A deposit may be required if your project requires materials that are a special order. Otherwise, full payment will be due at delivery.